Ryan Kent

nature  l o v e s  to say fuck you

and fucking with a man’s bed

is lower than the lowest of low

                                            only a mean spirited jealous god

would gain satisfaction from this

it’s  n o t  the tornados tearing through

                                         tiny midwestern towns tossing trailers like tinker toys


                                         that’s real pain

but these little storms will blow                          a      p

                                                                                                                            a                                  rt

your home worse than a   h o s t  of midnight maneuvers

f o r c e d  now to burn your bedding

incinerate your clothes

even gotta bleach out your soul

                                                                                                        but this little glimpse of hell

is  n o t h i n g  compared                           to when i had to do        the same thing

with you


Ryan Kent is the author of two books of poetry. Poems For Dead People and This Is Why I Am Insane. He is the frontman of metal bands Gritter and Murdersome and is also an OG contributor to RVA Magazine. He drinks in bars, apartments, and row houses in Richmond, Virginia.
Photo by Roger Leege