Blood, Bananas, and Mystery

Andira Dodge

I don’t know the science
behind why memories
of the moon are vague
from the ‘70’s
but I know
we spend an awful lot of time
dissecting every crevice now
and though I’m drawn to facts,
I don’t like reality standing alone.

You may be wondering
in what artistic scene
I have placed myself in
at the moment of this writing.
I’m trying to staunch the bleeding
from a cuticle gone awry.
I’m waiting for tea to brew,
which is its own poetry.
Having just finished
half of a loaf of banana bread,
along with watching the last episodes
of a good detective show,
I am binging alone,
which is what leads to staring at the moon,
counting craters.


Andira Dodge lives in rural Pennsylvania where she writes whenever she can and enjoys capturing the full range of seasons with her camera. A graduate of Temple University, she has worked for both a large corporate public relations firm and a small professional theater. She has had her poetry and photography published, most often in independent online magazines. You may explore more of her work by visiting
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