RoguePoetry Review
Fall Issue 2016

In this issue:

Featured Photo by Roger Leege


The Porch
– Robert Beveridge

– Audrey T. Carroll

Bed Bugs
– Ryan Kent

Of Suffocation
– A J Huffman

5 Haiku
– Mallory Rowe

The Billboard that Read “SEE”
– Nicholas Van Lott

What To Do with Saffron
Blood, Bananas, and Mystery
– Andira Dodge

The Chimes
Farce With Dick and Jane
The Extremist
– Michael Neal Morris

unlike anything gray
still life in two portraits
– Stephanie Guarino

– Arynne S. Fannin

Young Women
– Lauren Zlabinger

& again
– Tom Reed

Southern Winter Occupied
Deadly Kitten
– Richard King Perkins II

– Anna Kennedy

The Most American Thing I Own
– Eric Paul

Shooting the Messenger
– John Grey

Cake Box: An Erasure
The Bulimic Gives Herself Pneumonia
– Alex Everette

 Have At It
– Darlene O’keefe

The Inevitable Evolution of Desperate Friendship
–  Chris Skoyles

The Transgressive Therapist
– David Seaman

totemic ravens and rabbits
– Kelly Neal


Nadia Gerassimenko
Ana Prundaro
Roger Leege
Andira Dodge

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A very special thank you to Alexis Bates for curating this first online issue of RoguePoetry.

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