Have At It

Darlene O’keefe

Killing thoughts
Pleasantly with sailing,
Las Vegas
Ships sink.
The ocean calls us
Busy busy bee
Responsibility kills
And kisses you
Half past three,
Ten years go by
You should call
Soul mates find
Ways to gamble
Away time,
She’s waiting
At the end of your strip
Polka dot dress
Strawberry scented
Hair, thin lipped
And wider hips.
She’s there
Or maybe she wasn’t ever,
But she is now.
The wallet’s empty anyway.
Go get your
Damn girl.
Life’s still

Darlene O’keefe is the author of many unpublished poetry journals. Her accomplishments include writing extensively on the subject on the underachievement of genius poets. She is 37 and has two children by the same father, another accolade within itself . Catch her at any Southern California beach doing more research on why she is not published thus far.