Anna Kennedy

I’m curious
 to taste

I know
the feel of it, the
brief suspension
where teeth
meet skin
mouth open in
a wet gape
de – lect – able
as they say,
toe-curling words,
a delectable pause


a sinking rush
into it
tart and sweet
 drooling back,
sucking firm
flesh off the
(the bone)
scrape the gentle
 veins, their
deltas pressed
into it, all
running down
soft undersides
of wrists and necks
 daring to be

I know how
 it feels,
I’m curious
to taste

Anna Kennedy is a young Australian poet and writer, living in London. You can find her work at Fauna Quarterly, figroot press, The Writing Garden and in an upcoming anthology by Z Publishing. She is also on tumblr at