The Inevitable Evolution of Desperate Friendship

Chris Skoyles

We used to practice passion
In the same old parking lot
Of the same old, Minnesota shop
Where we always got
The same old morning stock;
Two packs of Marlboro Reds and ice-cold coffee in a can,
The breakfast of desperate lovers and those who’ll never understand.

We used to perfect chaos
In the same old motel room where
I once wrote a story that she
Will never get to read,
Not because she doesn’t want to,
But because the ugliness around her makes it far,
Far too dark for her to see.

We used to make war
Masquerading as love,
Hello, L.O.V.E,
Come grant me some serenity,
Help us to feel chaos, and passions,
Masquerading as actions as beautiful as they are utterly brutal.

Now, we practice friendship
Because in all our desperation it’s the one thing we forgot,
Because in all our making war,
We never realised we were fucked,
And because our lips were always pressed
So tight to ice-cold cans of coffee,
That we never got to look each other in the eye and say
‘Look, I’m really sorry.’


Chris Skoyles is a freelance writer and poet currently living near Manchester, England. His previous poems have been published in The Ugly Tree, Speech Therapy, and Acumen Poetry. He posts daily writing and photography at and occasionally blogs at