David Seaman

Little Gehenna wearing dark framed glasses
opens the window to her office
feels the cool breeze through short black hair
and the sunshine on her face

a white tank top shows off dark tattoos
two full sleeves of ink
left arm seven crows
right arm ten magpies

this is her time for him
she crosses out the hour
squeezes the diary against her chest
a tear is held within tiny dark eyes

Little Gehenna sneaks a smoke
just as they once did
with her office door closed
who the hell will care?

One drag for sorrow
two for joy
three for girls
four for boys
five for silver
six for gold
seven for his secret never to be told


David has previously been published by various lit and poetry magazines through the years. Recently his list includes MidAmerican Fiction and Photography, SciPhi Magazine, and Bluffs Literary Magazine. He is an English major at Illinois Central College and lives in central Illinois with his wife, four dogs, and three exotic birds. He can be reached at dseaman77@gmail.com.
Photo by Nadia Gerassimenko