What To Do with Saffron

Andira Dodge

I was gifted saffron
at a tender 22,
when familiar
shallots and peppers
became subpar
to the spice of discovery
of love and the city
on my tongue
-and I tasted
over and again-
until one day
alone and puzzled
in a tiny kitchen
holding a vial of saffron
(a gift from
a coworker
at my big new job
out of college),
I realized I was far from
being a grown up.
New love every week
was not filling
and cooking chicken
in wine just made me drunk
(in my sophistication,
I marinated myself).
Somehow not knowing
what to do with saffron
made me understand
I knew nothing.

Andira Dodge lives in rural Pennsylvania where she writes whenever she can and enjoys capturing the full range of seasons with her camera. A graduate of Temple University, she has worked for both a large corporate public relations firm and a small professional theater. She has had her poetry and photography published, most often in independent online magazines. You may explore more of her work by visiting wordrummager.com.

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